Life Hack: Be Generous Now

What if you could live a life that guarantees God's favor? A life characterized by financial peace and meaningful impact? A life that leaves a legacy for the next generation? Is that a life you'd be interested in living? We wrap up our Life Hack series with this message from Matthew 6, where Pastor Brian shows that "being generous now" is a spiritual life hack with deep and lasting benefits--for you, your family, and for the cause and kingdom of Christ.

Life Hack: Life With God

Some look at their relationship with God as the one who they get stuff "from"--he's the cosmic vending machine that gets called on when times are tough. Others, particularly those who have been in the church for years, may have a relationship characterized as "over" God--they have it so together that they act, in practice, as if they don't need Him. Then there are those who see themselves "under" God in that they're under His thumb, only able to receive His favor if they earn it.

In this message, Pastor Skyler shares from John 15 about the true relationship we have with Christ, and how life "with" God is the Biblical design.

Life Hack: Rest in Peace

Have you ever felt like you were your own worst enemy? You try and try, but the more you try, the more you fail; like your life is characterized by frantic effort, not productive peace. If so, this sermon is for you. In this message, Pastor Justin shares a critical life hack: dying to yourself. By dying to yourself you learn which of your efforts really matter for eternity, and which ones just, well, stink. Join us for this message from Galatians 2:19-20.

Life Hack: 5280

Most of the time we think of a short-cut as a way to cut a corner or cheat the system. But in this message, Pastor Skyler shares how the spiritual life hack actually takes MORE physical effort.  If you want to accelerate your spiritual life, be prepared to walk the extra mile! There is a spiritual benefit to trusting God in that second mile which exponentially multiplies your spiritual growth.  Worship happens in the second mile!

Life Hack: Just Decide

When we want to figure out a better way to do just about anything, we often turn to the internet to find a life hack: a strategy or technique adopted in order to manage one's time and daily activities in a more efficient way. During this series, our pastoral staff shares spiritual life hacks--strategies and techniques that have made a significant difference in their spiritual lives. These biblically-based ideas can radically accelerate your spiritual walk. In this first message, Pastor Brian shares from the Book of Daniel about the importance of Just Deciding.