Finish the Mission

Throughout this series we have talked a lot about what to expect as a church as we navigate the upcoming merger with Northwest Family Church. In this message, we turn the focus away from our church and onto us as followers of Christ. What is the mission that God has put before you? What has He asked of you? God asked Caleb to fight in a way that required his all. In this message, we discover what it will take to give your all so we can finish the mission.

Leveraging Opportunity

Taking advantage of opportunities that come our way is as human as it gets, but taking advantage of opportunities that God has orchestrated is divine! In this message, Pastor Brian looks at Joshua and the moment that brought him to the brink of something amazing! We will learn what WE need to do to take advantage of our moment. We will learn what part we have to play in the reality God is working out right now in Lake County!

Protecting the Parameters

Are you a change enthusiast? Or more change averse? Perhaps it depends on the change in question! But when facing an upcoming change, it is easy to become fearful and protect ourselves from what we don't yet know. We might realize there is opportunity and benefit. But that realization can be overshadowed by the uncertainty that accompanies the change. Even when change is good, there are some things that are worth protecting--not changing. As we prepare for our merger with Northwest Family Church, Pastor Brian shares lessons from Deuteronomy 31 and 32 about what to protect when we're going through change.

Starting Again

We are so excited about the opportunity to merge with Northwest Family Church! Yet merging even two healthy church bodies could be one of the greatest challenges we have ever faced. Where do we go for direction? The answer is obvious: God's Word gives clear and helpful direction when followers of Christ face daunting challenges. One such challenge was when Joshua began to lead Israel. It was a moment fraught with uncertainty, but one which promised the chance to start again. Starting again is different from starting over. People who start over have lost everything or intentionally walked away from everything. Starting again comes with challenges and opportunities, and in this message, Pastor Brian shares how lessons from Joshua apply to us in this new year and new opportunity. Indeed, the best is yet to come!