The Comeback, Week 2

Last week we celebrated the greatest comeback ever: the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yet while many of us love the emotion of a comeback story, when it comes to our own lives, many times it feels like the comeback won't happen like we think it should have. What do we do then? In this message from Acts 7, Pastor Skyler shares the story of Stephen, who called out the sin and hypocrisy of the Pharisees. Isn't this where Stephen should be shielded by God, as the Pharisees start stoning him? If God is so good, how do things happen like this in our lives? As it turns out, Stephen knew there was a bigger story playing out--bigger than his individual life. 

Perhaps you have lost hope. But know today that God's bigger story is at play. Your current circumstances do not define you. God can still use you even when you feel you're losing. This message will remind you to never under-estimate the sovereignty of God. You're invited to share this with family and friends who are going through difficult times.