The Comeback, Week 3

Many of us have scar stories. We can point to a scar, say, above our eye and recount exactly what happened on that day years ago. We can remember details, imprinted on our memories despite how long it's been since it happened.

Scar stories are one thing. But live long enough and we get other scars--often emotional scars. We tend to remember the bad, more than the good, especially when things are not going well. There's a soundtrack that runs in our mind, often played and replayed, telling us it won't get better.

In this third message in The Comeback series, Pastor Skyler shares from Joshua 4 and 5 how only one thing can stop that soundtrack: Hope. Nothing in your life goes unseen by God. God's past faithfulness is the greatest predictor of your future. Our joy, peace, and hope is in the faithfulness of God. Our responsibility is to do what He says.

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