Parable of the Wineskins

With this message we kick-off our new "Read All About It" series, looking at the parables of Jesus. We start with the Parable of the Wineskins in Matthew 9. The disciples of John the Baptist come to Jesus wondering why His followers don't fast in the same way as others. In a sense, their real questions were "Why are you different? Why don't you do the stuff we do?"

In just a few verses, Jesus addresses a problem that we can easily suffer from as well: trying to fit Jesus into an old religious box. Jesus didn't come to patch old things--He came to make things new. Regardless of what we think we're searching for, Jesus is the answer. The gospel is what we need.

In this message, Pastor Skyler helps us understand that to see new, you have to be new. And being new leads to doing new. Let's not settle for old wineskins. Are you ready for God to do more in and through you? Join us for the replay of this message.