Psalm 1

Are you someone who diligently follows the instructions or tosses them to the side? How many times have we skipped the instruction manual, only to find we could have saved a lot of time and agony if we would have paid more attention to the directions? Many people long for more joy and happiness, yet toss the instruction manual to the side. Parents set rules for their kids in order to protect them, not hinder them, and it's the same with our heavenly Father.

In this final message in our Summer Soundtrack series, Pastor Kip walks through Psalm 1. He makes it clear that what you allow to shape your thinking will shape your life. Therefore, choose to refuse worldly wisdom, which only leads to disappointment. Choose to delight in God's Word, which starts with discipline but can grow to delight. Choose to follow God's way--it's the only way to true eternal joy and happiness.