The Outsiders: Issue

Whenever you look at groups of people, you find those who seem to belong and get everything that group is about. But because there is an "in-group" it implies there is an "out-group". Jesus had the amazing ability to draw the outsiders in but also be listened to by the insiders.

In this first message in our Outsiders series, Pastor Skyler looks how Jesus responds to both an insider and outsider. Both had desperate issues and approached Jesus for help. How did Jesus respond? You'll learn that we're all the same at the feet of Jesus.

Have you tried and tried, only to fall short in your striving, feeling like you're at the end of the rope? Pastor Skyler shares that God, in His graciousness, will sometimes close each of the doors we try to open in our own efforts. Everything you're looking for is answered in the person Jesus.

Join us for this replay of the message entitled "Issue". We invite you to share it with your friends.