Heart for the House, Week 2

We continue our Heart for the House series which takes an honest look at the greatest tool God has provided to change the world: the local church. If we want to see God's design for the church, the book of Acts is a great place to start.

In this message, Pastor Skyler teaches about the ekklesia--the gathering. Skyler reminds us that, as Heritage Church, it is and should always be God's presence that defines us. We want our church to get bigger, not because bigger is better, but because Jesus is better and we want as many people as possible to know him. Skyler describes what it means for us to grow bigger and smaller, and why that's important. This message will challenge you to be a reflection of who Jesus is, not a distraction to what He is doing. You'll be reminded we are to contribute, not merely consume. You're invited to watch this replay and share it with your friends and family.