XO Relationship Goals: Fight Fair

We continue our series on relationships with this message about conflict in marriage. All couples fight. Healthy couples fight fair. Healthy couples fight for resolution. Unhealthy couples fight to win. In this message, Pastor Skyler shows how God's design for mutual submission is not weakness (as our culture would suggest). Rather, in God's design for relationships, submission becomes a source of strength.

Watch this replay to be challenged that the message of your marriage should mirror the message of the Bible. We are deeply loved despite being deeply flawed. When we see how much we're forgiven, we more easily forgive those around us. At that point, it's not the absence of conflict that leads to marital success--it's the presence of humility. You'll also get some extremely practical advice based on James chapter 1 to help you better navigate the conflicts that inevitably show up on the journey of any meaningful relationship.