Everyone's Welcome

People matter to God. Which people? All people. How much? More than we can possibly imagine. We have a propensity to become tribal, dividing on race, politics, beliefs, and more. It's us vs. them, which begs the question: Who is "Us" from God's perspective?

A rabbi and a tax collector are about as "us vs. them" as you can get. Yet in Matthew 9, we see Jesus demonstrate how the kingdom works when he tells Matthew the tax collector to "follow me."  Matthew was only "one ask away" and it's likely that you are surrounded by many like him.

As Jesus says, "For I have not come to call the righteous, but the sinners." In this first message of our new series, Pastor Skyler reminds us that everyone is welcome. Jesus wants to transform you from your sins--He can fix that. Lord, give us a Matthew heart.