The Comparison Trap

Solomon tells us in Ecclesiastes 4:4 that all toil and achievement spring from one person's envy of another. In our new series entitled Yardsticks, we chase this idea, shining a light on our tendency to compare ourselves with others, which, as Solomon goes on to say, is "a chasing after the wind."

We will always miss the mark when we measure ourselves against the wrong things. Technology, such as social media, provides an endless stream of each others' highlight reels, serving up false perceptions of reality. In this message, Pastor Skyler shares insights from Ecclesiastes and 2 Corinthians to help us avoid the stress of the comparison trap. 

Are you exhausted trying to keep up? Are you allowing what others have to ruin what you have? Do you find yourself wanting more instead of being thankful for what you have? There is a better way. Join us in the coming weekends as we continue our Yardsticks series.