Sparks is an exciting program that helps kids begin and build a relationship with Jesus, while having a ton of fun! Sparks is packed full of great activities--worship time, speakers, game time, small group time, and one-on-one time with leaders who help kids memorize and understand God's Word. Sparks will be the highlight of your child’s week!


6:15-6:30        Opening Ceremony

6:30-7:00        Game Time

7:05-7:35        Large Group

7:40-8:10        Small Group





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Update to the Sparks Program This Year:

This year, Sparks will move together through their individual books. Sections of the books are scheduled out each week to help ensure we reach the ultimate goals of teaching children to love the Word of God by not only memorizing it, but understanding it, and learning how to use it every day.

The schedule and group pacing is set to help achieve the following:

1. All kids will finish their book & review by the end of the year.

2. Kids who are absent or behind have the opportunity to catch up.

3. Kids will understand and be able to apply each verse. 

This isn't a race or competition. Kids who memorize quickly will have more time to talk one-on-one with leaders about what the verse means, how they are applying it, and about their life. Those who need more time to memorize Scripture will be able to work one-on-one with leaders to learn the verses the group is covering together each week. 

Want to know what to work on At Home each week?

Check out the pacing schedules for each grade level below.